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Jennifer showed a remarkable ability to tune into our family character & needs. She gave us honest, clear and direct opinions while displaying an instinctive talent for asking the right questions, of the right people, at the right time. My husband appreciated her sharp eye for construction details and we both felt we were represented admirably both when selling (negotiated full price) and buying. We developed a great respect for Jennifer as a professional Realtor as well as enjoying getting to know her lovely family.

Tamsin Miller

Jennifer has done more to help us buy and sell our last two homes than we could have imagined! Her knowledge of the market exceeded our expectations in price, professionalism and she is a joy to work with!

Eileen & Garry Flett

Jennifer has integrity. She stands behind what she sells and is fully committed to a satisfied, and happy, client. She is a real person, friendly and caring. She is discerning and honest, and optimistic. She values what she does, so she does it well. She has a lot of experience in real estate, and is savvy. She works very hard. I highly recommend her.

Allyson Clay

Jennifer was the ideal agent for us: professional, thorough, and authentic. We felt at all times that she had our needs first in selling our house and she helped us make the right decision for our family.

 Andie & Derek Flett

Jennifer Sale is absolutely exceptional! Her motivation to find us what was truly the right home meant that she went above and beyond what most realtors do. Jennifer "got" what we wanted immediately--she really took the time to get to know us, which meant that she was committed to finding the home that was right for our family. Jennifer's decades of experience shone through all of our interactions with her; she is so professional, knowledgeable, and skilled, and at the same time so warm, supportive & incredibly patient. After months of looking, Jennifer contacted us while we were out of town to tell us that she had found "the one"-we would have missed the opportunity to buy our house had she not been so on top of it! She was so efficient as she helped us navigate the intricacies of making an offer, inspecting the home and finalizing the purchase. We are so grateful to Jennifer. We recommend her to absolutely everyone looking to buy a house. We can't imagine going through this process without her!

Janice Forman & Beth Ebers

Working with Jennifer was a great decision. We trusted Jennifer completely and felt confident that she would sell our home and help us find a new one, and she succeeded! She was approachable, available and most of all knowledgeable about the market and our needs. We highly recommend her! Thank you Jennifer!

Christina Bergin & Jason Nadeau

I hired Jennifer to help find a great new home in a fairly short time frame. She found me an absolute gem, worked with some tight deadlines, recommended amazing people for the services I needed and made everything feel easy for me. I don't think she could have done anything better during the entire process.

Anne Richard

Jennifer was recommended to us by a friend and we are extremely satisfied, we just recently managed to buy a property far above our expectation and well in our budget. She is an outstanding negotiator and at all times we felt we were working with someone that really cared about us and we could trust 100%. She is caring, personable and very knowledgeable. She talked us out of properties that were not worth pursuing and in the aftermath we are very glad she did because she was right while we were too emotionally involved to make the right decision at the time. I would not work with anyone else in BC and I've already recommended her to my closest friends.

Barbara Lelj  

I have just signed the purchase agreement for my Vancouver condominium after the exhaustive 2 year search! And you were with me all the way and I can't thank you enough. To put it plainly, I always felt you had my back. I relied on you to help examine the details, seek out the good and the bad and hold the whole deal up to scrutiny- from the floors to the pipes to the ceilings to the gutters. It was an invaluable service in what is an emotional, stressful and daunting task and your vast experience was a major comfort. Thanks. I will not hesitate to heartily recommend your services to anyone looking to buy or sell!

Tina Lynch

Jennifer Sale acted as my real estate agent for my purchase of my home at Hycroft Towers. Then, three years later, I hired her to help me sell the same property. She was consistently professional, patient, responsive and kind, giving me sound advice on pricing and on how to market my place. I would recommend her highly. And for those looking to buy or sell at Hycroft, I believe that Jennifer's familiarity with the building and with the market for its suites is a great asset. Thank you, Jennifer, for helping make a stressful process go as smoothly and quickly as possible!

Jess Hadley

Thank you again for all your work on the sale - it was a real pleasure to meet you and work with you on this. You worked a miracle for us and we're very grateful. If we buy or sell anything in future, we will be sure to give you the listing and will spread the word on how great you are! What a great resource you were in improving the marketability of our property. You coordinated everything with the tenant, property manager and contractors in our absence. We trusted your judgement and knowledge of the market and were confident you were truly acting on our behalf throughout this process. The results speak to that and we are very grateful for everything you did for us!

Sue Carey

Jennifer is dispassionate yet engaged, professional and thorough. She wants her client to find a house that will work for them. She avoids the patter that can make buying a house so irritating. She allows you to take the time you need, gives you the full advantage of her considerable experience to help think through a potential purchase thoroughly and then follows through with an eye for detail but also attention to the whole complicated package that is the purchase of a house. Jennifer provides an excellent service. It was a pleasure doing business with her.

Sophia Murphy 

Knowledgeable, communicative, thorough, professional in all ways, this is how I found working with Jennifer. On top of which she is just so affable and good-natured. It was an all-around pleasure to have her as my agent, both on the purchase and eventual sale. I couldn't recommend her more highly.
Christina Ritchie

Jennifer acted as my Realtor in my first property purchase, and I could not have been more impressed by her expertise, integrity and attentiveness. 

As a first-time buyer, I particularly appreciated Jennifer's evident wealth of experience in evaluating properties and negotiating offers. She noticed many details that I would have overlooked, which helped me rule out properties that I would later have regretted buying. When it came time to make an offer, Jennifer used her critical eye and formidable negotiating skills to make sure that I got the best price possible. Throughout the house hunting and purchasing process I felt absolutely confident that Jennifer had my best interests in mind. 

Jennifer was a pleasure to work with, and I recommend her strongly and without hesitation.

Mike Jones

It is important that a realtor be 
personable and
Jennifer is all of the above.

Adele Nutt

Jennifer Sale has been our Realtor both when we bought our home and when we sold it. I have been incredibly impressed with Jennifer’s service, sales skill, negotiation ability, tireless effort and commitment to both the purchase and sale. 

During the purchase of our house, Jennifer was able to negotiate a phenomenal purchase price. This only days after giving birth to her second child. Jennifer was able to counsel us, put together an offer and sell our offer that was actually less than a previously declined offer. 

Jennifer then worked tirelessly in a depressed market for the sale of our home. Her consistent effort and positive encouragement allowed us to negotiate a sale price that was fair and reasonable, given the challenges of the marketplace. 

I have also appreciated Jennifer’s professionalism and commitment to service. Calls were always returned quickly. Advice and counselling was knowledgeable, contextual and helpful. Jennifer does not resort to hyperbole or redirection when she is trying to make a sale or work with the customer. I have valued Jennifer’s direction as I know her integrity and honesty can be counted on. Jennifer’s advice and experience make her a tremendous asset that allowed us to maximize the value of our home. 

Jennifer is an exceptional Realtor and, in my opinion, the best there is. I cannot recommend Jennifer highly enough and know that it is highly unlikely there is a better Realtor to be found!

Sage Kennedy

Jennifer was recommended to me by a friend, promising integrity and reliability. Jennifer over delivered. Immediately upon meeting her I knew I could trust her, but also, I was impressed with her knowledge and years of experience in the Vancouver market and her ability to be direct, honest and most of all authentic - she truly cared about who I was and what I wanted in a home. Regrettably, while we were house hunting, I was transfered to Calgary and never had the opportunity to close a sale. However, when I return to Vancouver, I will definitely engage her services again and would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone searching for their dream home or selling their home.

Gisele Danis

Our house had to be sold in a tight timeframe while maximizing proceeds to the Sellers. Jennifer worked with us to sell the house right away by negotiating full price with a back-up offer at full price as well. You cannot ask for more than that. I would not hesitate to recommend Jennifer or to contact her for my next sale.

Chris Oxner

Jennifer Sale is amazing - she sold my condo and not only managed to get above the asking price but also had a baby during the one month start to finish. She is very detailed oriented not only in selling my property but also for the purchase on my new one. In fact she did more for that purchase than the listing realtor. I would definitely recommend Jennifer if you are selling and/or buying.

B. Hewto

Jennifer Sale is in our mind the best a client could ask for in a Realtor. She always wants what is best for us, not merely just to sell our house and close a deal. Jennifer is determined and fair and we would recommend her to anyone.

B.Foreman & J. Bennet 

I think Jennifer Sale had me as a client longer than expected, only because of my changing priorities and level of finickiness. I found her level of professionalism and ethics to FAR surpass any of the other realtors I met along the road to home ownership. She understood my needs and even when I went astray on properties, she pulled me back with a dose of reality. Jennifer's patience, hard work, kindness and understanding allowed me to find an unexpectedly perfect home in an amazing neighbourhood. I would never hesitate to recommend Jennifer and her expertise to friends or associates. Her level of knowledge of the BC real estate market and insistence upon accuracy comes along rarely.

C. Hutchinson

I am impressed with the dedication which Jennifer devoted to selling our suite. Her long experience has given her a real sense....and ability to find the right Buyer for the right suite.

Allyson Clay

Jennifer helped my husband and I find a great house. She is an excellent negotiator and she really understands the product. She was not afraid to give us her honest opinion and was great at pointing out the pros and cons of any property we looked at. I would highly recommend her!

Paula Jarolim 

Thank you for your excellent service in selling my suite. You deal with all issues in a very professional manor to arrive at a nice clean sale. Many thanks!


Working with Jennifer Sale on the sale of our home was undoubtedly a success. She directed a very efficient, trouble free transaction that was handled with professionalism and honest communication throughout its entire process. It was a pleasure also to work with a realtor who was sensitive to our stipulations regarding the marketing of the property.

C. Jeffries

Jennifer's rapid and efficient sale of my condominium would be sufficient motivation for my hearty endorsement of her skilled marketing abilities. But the bonus for me was the delightful experience of collaborating with an attractive, intelligent, honest and appealing woman whom I would like to call my newest friend! I strongly recommend Ms. Sale, whose name is appropriate - indeed prophetic!

D. Wenkstern

The hardworking Jennifer Sale was a perfect match for our realtor needs with honest opinions and no pressure sales. She was knowledgable of the Whistler area and extremely efficient, allowing us to maximize viewing on a tight schedule. Ideal for the out-of-town buyer, Jennifer made our purchase stress-free by looking after all the little nuisances. She organized property survey, inspection, title search and constantly dealt with the Municipality with our building code enquiries. Thanks Jennifer!

J.& N. Barbarie

Jennifer was hardworking, professional & fun - a very rare combination. She really took the stress out of my first experience with buying a home! I didn't hesitate calling Jennifer when it came time to sell.

Trent Berry

We have bought two homes through Jennifer Sale and received such care and attention that we felt like we were her only clients. She was amazingly patient and helpful as we went through the stress of buying our first condo and then, years later, vying for a heritage home amid a swarm of other highly competitive buyers. Her smarts are the reason we got our house. We like her straightforward honesy with us. She knew when to advise against an iffy investment, but pushed us when she knew we had to act. We never felt like she was giving us a pitch, only that she truly had our best interests for the longterm in mind. We would recommend her without hesitation.

Mike Usinger & Janet Smith

Jennifer's professionalism, tact and pleasant personality made buying and selling our Hycroft apartment a comfortable experience. Her knowledge of the Hycroft's architecture and history, coupled with an accurate market knowledge allows us to highly recommend her services.

Judith Steedman & Patrik Andersson

We met Jennifer Sale as first time buyers, built a trusting relationship and bought our first house with her in an extremely competitive environment. When we later decided to buy an investment property we contacted Jennifer who helped us again to find a great condo in an upscale building. On top of that she connected us to a Property Management Co. that handles it for us.

Loc Dao

We would like to THANK YOU for a job well done!! Your extensive knowledge of Hycroft Towers was invaluable and highly instrumental in the sale of our suite. Ours was not a straightforward sale but your dedication to provide exceptional service saw us through to a happy ending. Most of all Jennifer, your honesty and integrity are qualities that truly impressed us from the very beginning. I would highly recommend you to anyone buying or selling a home, but in particular, to anyone buying or selling at Hycroft Towers ! Thanks Jennifer!

Lea Ortner

Ms. Sale has been one of the best real estate agents I have worked with recently. She is knowledgeable and personable and brings an immediate positive impression to the properties she represents. She performs decisively, quickly and astutely ensuring that her clients receive good offers in the shortest time possible.

Rey Lim

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Jennifer and would not hesitate to work with her again in the future. Her experience and knowledge of the marketplace in general are obvious. She is very personable, positive, and relaxed, all of which certainly helped ease strained nerves during the process of selling and buying. Jennifer has an excellent level of knowledge regarding the history of Hycroft Towers, and uses this knowledge to educate potential buyers on all of the high points of the building. She always made the time for us, and always responded to all of our questions and concerns promptly. Jennifer also helped us find a house to buy that met our particular specifications. She was quick to narrow down to properties that were a good fit to our needs and ensured that time spent at open houses was well worth it. Her attention to detail was appreciated, and she really took the time to help us find and negotiate for just the right house. We would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone that we know who might be looking for a realtor.

R. & S. Milone

Thank you for all your help in selling my Mother's apartment. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is looking to buy or sell. Your knowledge of the history of Hycroft Towers was certainly a great asset for any prospective Buyers. Thank you again for all your assistance.

Jean Mori

Jennifer was very genuine & pleasant – she is a quick thinker who really knows her business. We have a lot of trust in Jennifer. She really went out of her way to assist with details that were not part of her job. I would recommend her without a doubt to anyone thinking of selling.

N. Kisinger

Jennifer Sale made selling our home easy! She has a positive attitude and charismatic personality. Her expertise in real estate made selling efficient & smooth. We strongly recommend Jennifer for anyone interested in buying or selling.

Gail Higginbottom & Scott Rothermel

Jennifer was instrumental in getting us the maximum price for our Squamish home. She was terrific from the start, giving us advice to showcase our home and sometimes reassuring us during the offer process. This was our first home and therefore we did not know how stressful it could be. Jennifer was incredibly professional right from the start. We strongly recommend Jennifer if you would like a professional positive experiene selling your house!

Chuck & Julie Samson 

We enjoyed working with you and have happily recommended you to friends and family already. We are settling into our new place fantastically and still pinching ourselves because it is so nice. Thank you for helping us find our dream space and making it an easy and enjoyable process. We count ourselves lucky to have worked with you for one of the most important decisions in our relationship so far.

Shawna Wagner & Sean Bridge

We are out of town clients of Jennifer’s. She always had time for us, whether it was taking us on multiple showings, taking our calls to answer questions or emailing us documentation. We valued her honesty and up-front take on the buying process, and we appreciated the fact she never made us feel rushed into a decision. Jennifer came recommended to us by a friend, and we would not hesitate to highly recommend her to anyone else. We consider ourselves lucky to have found Jennifer and are excited to move into the new home that she helped us find.

Heather & Vince Pierre